This is How you Divorce in Alabama

This Infographic deals with types of divorces in Alabama and their process. The whole message is divided into two parts. The first part deals with contested divorces and the other one deal with non-contested divorce. The structure is based on simplicity with maximum clarity.

The first part has the white background with heading written in white color. It also has an underlying definition about the contested divorce below the main heading. The process is mentioned under green big boxes with a lot of information to read. The one box leads to another box explaining the next step/stage in the process. There is not catchy pictures or facts written anywhere on the page that what it little boring and plain. The only creativity used is the green dotted arrow line connecting two boxes. The reader has to spend quite a long time in reading this information which could be boring at times. Hence, it will not attract the attention of every reader, only those will halt over this information who really wants to know about the divorce and their process in Alabama.

The second part seamlessly enters into the picture carrying a different message. The topic is about non-contested divorce in Alabama. The next few lines clearly explain what it is and what the basic steps are. The background color changes from white to black and therefore, the written information changes from black to white. There is no extra information or pictures put into the page. Just small pictures are put above the box to indicate the characteristic of the message. The simplicity has been continued in this part too.

Overall, this infographic is lengthy, simple and time-consuming. The page does not contain any picture making it a little non-catchy. The language is simple but it definitely attains its objective.

divorce process infographic