This is How the Batmobile Has Evolved

The following info graphic is all about the introduction of the name of the company. More like a logo of a company, the graphic shows the name with the contrast background. It is made for an automobile company and hence drafted in the same rustic yet classical way.

The design:

With the usage of contrast colors for background and for writing the content, the design has been well thought by the creator. Another point worth noticing in the design is that not only it gives a rough and tough view of the whole graphic but also maintains the classiness. The creator made the graphic keeping in view the industry involved and the type of graphic that would fit into the requirements of the topic.

The Font:

The fonts used are bold and big. They bring out the characters clear. Anyone can spot the characters and the content even when at a significant distance from the paper or not reading the material too. It has been made to capture the attention of anyone coming across the place where it is printed.


Black color is used in the background and in the center there is whitish blue. This combination makes the graphic appealing as the black color enhances the font and brings out the characters in a more clear way. The fonts are made up of black and white that has been the ever classic combination on the planet.


It is not that the graphic is outstanding in its presentation, but it sure is appealing to the eyes. Anyone coming across the graphic would surely stop by and have a look at it. Also, not many comments can be made on it as it is just a logo sort of a graphic made by the creator and there is not much info just the intro.

inforgraphic about batmovil evolution