These are the Top Selling Ford Cars in History

This is a brief, to-the-point infographic review covering just the highlights and focusing on nothing else whatsoever about Top Selling Fords.

The look, the feel, the vibe all matches the topic very well and welcomes any reader having the least sort of interest in this field. The layouts are okay and the backdrop compliments the topic. The headings and titles stand out although the Model name could have stood out better. Bullets could have looked better and the font used looks pretty straight, although there might be some issues towards the footer where it looks a bit odd over the backdrop.

Short, informative and well put. The content on this one runs over the highlights and keeps the facts on its face.

This is pretty much the kind of color that imprints this work in your mind and reminds you about the topic itself. The content stands out really well and the images are striking. Thereā€™d be nothing to complain about the colors used here.

The font appears to be in a bit of a struggle competing against the backdrop to be found first. While we can argue that the Font does catch attention, the backdrop could have looked a bit less striking. The line-height of the font used also catches the attention in a bizarre way.

This is a pretty bold piece of work displaying precisely what an average reader might be looking for. Although, petrol-heads might be disappointed at the little it has to say about top sellers as these, as it might not suffice the glory of some of the machines down there.

Overall Analysis:
It satisfies the interest and keeps to the point and conveys what it has to say. The heading looks strikingly more inviting than the rest of the work and the content could have been more rich. Overall, it is a splendid work.

infographic about top selling ford cars