These Are the Top 10 Hottest Chilli Peppers in the World

This review represents a great piece of art work in terms of few images and lots of information. It is very impressive and attractive to retain the reader till the end of the list.

Design: The designing of the complete infographic is very good which holds the viewer to go through each text and learn about the variety of hot chilies. The image complements the topic very well and here the heading has been designed very well.

Content: There is a lot of content in this infographic. But I will give a benefit of doubt to the designer as it is quite difficult to prepare the detailed list of 10 hottest chilli and compile it in few words. Despite that, the font size of the content can be increased in order to ease the reading.

Colors: The color selection is very appropriate here. Every bit is giving a feel of chilli, and has maintained the theme of red and green very well. The color combination is very attractive, so it may hold the reader for a little bit longer despite small font size.

Visibility: The topic is very much visible for every reader, but the list might cause complications to few readers due to its font size. With the amount of content to be covered in it, the compressed image size could have provided the scope to go for little big font size.

Appeal: The complete design is very much appealing for a viewer in the first look with the minimum use of colors and images. It has the power to attract the reader instantly, but the reading issue may be a matter of concern to retain the reader until the end of the list.

Overall Analysis: Overall, it is very much appealing in terms of design and color but it could be much better than this which keeping the concern of readers in mind.

hottest chilli peppers infographic