These are the Most Demanded Products During the Pandemic

This infographic aims at providing information about the increase in the demand for certain products, which has been observed recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More specifically, it presents five products which seem to be in high demand at the moment, apart from the ones that it is already known people are stocking on.

In general, it has a simple and efficient format that allows for a quick and easy navigation through all the information presented. A virus image at the top right corner, together with a big, clearly written title, helps one get the idea of the subject that is presented in just a few seconds. An explanatory text is placed under the title for the reader’s convenience, and the list of products under discussion is found right beneath.

The neutral colors of the background that is chosen help the various selected elements stand out. The dark, easy-to-read fonts used in all texts are carefully arranged on a light background. Each product is brought to the reader’s attention with the help of an underlined title with the same font in bold, and a representative photograph.

Under each one of these titles, one can find a small related description in a text box. An eye-catching image, together with a sticker showing the sales increase percentage for each one of the five introduced products, is properly placed at the right side of the text boxes. The two icons with their corresponding explanations following, aim at categorizing the products according to their use, affordability and popularity. Right beneath, a graph is showing the increase in each product’s sales. The same alignment is found throughout.

The content that has been used could have been kept at a minimal level, in order for the infographic to be less “busy” and to avoid any repetition in the information presented. However, the overall structure is undoubtedly good and the concept can be easily understood.

infographic about high demanded products during the pandemic