These are the Cars the Famous are Driving

It is a promotional, introductory and informative graphic that has been developed by an experienced creator. Not only it focuses upon introducing some cars to the reader but also tells the user about its features and specifications.

The design:

A number of cars written one after the other has been the design layout chosen where one thing is explained properly and then the creator moved on to explain the next car in a rectangular fashion.  Starting from the very outlook the design has been done properly according to the needs of the reader. A research on the reader base has also been done.

The content:

Starting from the picture of the car to the model number to the specifications/ features of the car has been properly laid down by the writer. The writing style is creative as can be seen from reading the description of each car. It is promotional in nature. The content is much more provocative in its approach.

The fonts:

The usage of font color and size has been apt. The font goes with the style of the design chosen. Both are complementing each other. The characters are visible to the readers be it the heading or the description provided for that matter.

The color sense:

A wide range of shades of different colors has been used complementing the type of car and its features introduced. This also enables the reader to understand the type of feel that is connected to the car model. For example, black color denotes a classy look which is capable of being purchased by anyone. On the other hand, the pink color is something that denotes feminism and the female segment of the population is targeted with that car model. Similarly, the number of qualities are denoted by colors and when used effectively, they can work wonders. This creator used colors well.

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