The Best Selling Fords in History

This poster gives a short introduction to the top selling Ford cars on the roads. The page focuses on a small set of numbers about the number of cars sold for each model. Other minor informatics and details are also given.

The header is really bold and surely does catch the attention of petrol heads and motor heads due to its shiny metal design and color. The Title and header are done with a good deal of designing and colors.

Further downwards follows a small countdown list of popular Ford models and their details.
The background has been done in a somber metal black design. This suits the topic really well and gives emphasis to the shiny elements in the text.

For each model, there is a great and stunning picture alongside. Towards the end are given the sources that contributed to the information.

The colors used are fine as more emphasis goes into the pictures in the list rather than the colors all around. Although the metal black background and the shiny colors towards the top are all good examples of strongly related attention driving colors.

The design and layout are apt. There is a general discipline to all the list items and the information provided. A uniform layout here defines the poster as a well founded structure.

The content feels badly nourished as most of it looks too short or too abrupt to form a point. The image could have subsided into a smaller lot and allowed more room for text.

Overall, this is a nice metal piece of work which is laid out aptly and designed wonderfully. There is a lot of quick information that the reader can gain from the poster about the top Fords that were out in the market. The design and the pictures attract the eye of the reader really easily.

ford infographic