The 5 Electric Cars with the Longest Range

Over the past several years, electric cars have gone from being a rarity to viable alternatives, creating a buzz all over the world.

This infographic aims at introducing the five of them that have the longest range. At the same time, it compares their top speed, their 0 to 60 mph acceleration time and their prices, and it presents a list of their advantages and disadvantages.

Layout, Design and Readability

At the top of the artwork, the reader can find an eye-catching title in yellow background and an image of a car that further draws one’s attention.

Right below, the reader can find a short description that further explains the subject and describes what kind of information is going to be presented. This text is written with easy-to-read fonts and it is separated in two columns and one-sentence paragraphs, which makes it friendlier to the eye of the reader.

The five cars with the longest range are listed right beneath in a descending order. Each one of them is introduced with an eye-catching heading, the name of the model and their rank in the list. Below the title, one can see an image of the specific car model.

Under the image, one can find the car’s details with bold, easy-to-read fonts. Two embellishing speedometers on the left and right side help draw the reader’s attention.

After the details, the reader can see a bullet point list for the car’s advantages and one for its disadvantages.

Final Thoughts

The straight-forward layout and simple design helps one quickly and easily go through the information that is presented. The infographic actually succeeds in presenting much more information than the title suggests. It offers a complete guide to anyone considering investing in an electric car.

infographic about the five electric cars with the longest range