Taste for Lingerie Around Europe

This interactive inforgraphic offers an insight into the different types of lingerie preferred by the women from different regions of Europe and is a very interesting one to look at, especially for the interactive nature of it!

Let us find out what all features help it to be engaging for the target audience:

  • The first thing that grabs our attention in this respect is the title written in red and pink along with a few heart shapes, that captures the essence of the topic in the appropriate way.
  • The content has been well-segregated into three parts- the popular lingerie styles, the preferred colors and the interesting facts related to lingerie.
  • We like the style of hovering over the map of Europe to find the popular lingerie styles in each country. One can easily roll the mouse to discover the preferences of women with respect to the inner wears- how they vary from one part of Europe to another.
  • The pie-chart showing the percentage of the different colors preferred among the European women presents statistical data in an attractive manner.
  • Finally we come to the last part where the interesting facts have been illustrated with sensuous pictures of women wearing lingerie.
  • The sources of information have been mentioned at the end so that one can browse for more such facts and stats if he is interested to.

Overall, it should be mentioned that the infographic has been designed using advanced skills and nice color co-ordination. The use of pink color over gray makes it look classy but never too girly!

It is thus successful in winning the admiration of the readers both with respect to quality and style.



Source: uklingerie.com