Stats About Holiday Travel

This infographic has lots of things going on at the same time that it is easy for the eye to wander off to different parts of the display trying to make out what it is all about. It has too many colors, lots of figures and images as well as texts all cramped up in it leaving it looking busy and messy. Different hues of red, orange and blue dominate the display with the tests done in black and white as appropriate. It is, however, possible to tell what the topic is about amidst all the chaos and the modes of transport in the first section are well represented by the images and percentages.

The fonts carefully selected so that even the small sized ones are easy to read without much strain on the eyes. The font style is fancy, especially on the titles and subtitles, thus matching up with the holiday-related topic. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year and the events highlighted in the presentation and besides focusing on modes of transport used, the presentation also gives numbers in terms of plane tickets, trip lengths in kilometers and even accidents for each of the events.

Apart from the colors and details being all over the page, it is not easy to differentiate one section to the other. The infographic holds important information to its target audience, but the design would have been a little more organized so maintaining attention to the end is achieved. It is also not very clear to tell which audience it targets exactly probably because of the depth of the information it carries. This is a short presentation that offers a precise peak into the numbers for those who are patient enough to work their eyes through the colors, images, and texts.

info graphic about holiday driving