Stats and Facts About Wedding DJs

The given infographic is informative and descriptive. Its design is attractive and the color template used provides a classic look to the information displayed. The use of the cartoons of the DJ and the music system shows extensive about what the infographic talks about.

In addition, the mixture of the blue and white background is quite apt and brings more attractiveness to the information present. The amazing statistics that are present really brings out the importance of having a DJ for weddings. Not many people are aware of what kind of music DJs play and that wasn’t added. Plus how much rate each or the kind of DJs charge would have made the information more significant and understanding.

Another interesting thing which you might come across is that there are various advantages and significances of having a DJ and that is clearly displayed. Now this will surely entice people to hire DJs to their party. But along with the advantage, there could be certain points highlight about some of the cons of having DJ. It would really help in showing and bringing out the vulnerability and the advantage of having a DJ.

Even though the color and template are good and stylish, still a bright and bubblier color could have been used. Something like a mixture of yellow and purple or orange and red, which not only looks presentable but attractive to the eyes. Now there are a lot of famous DJs and that could have been added here. At least certain photos and brief details of some of the international DJs could make this given information interesting and colorful.

Besides the pictures and cartoons, real life photos of the DJ could have been added. It would bring more realism and bring in the importance of what the infographic is trying to convey. In short, the infographic really looks amazing and dashing, but can still have more information to make it presentable.

infographs about wedding dj