Stats and Facts About Fresh Water Usage in the USA

This one is the most detailed infographic that is usually not common in publication field. When the reader looks toward it, a sense of detailed-information, facts bombarding and a very tightly knit image comes into mind. The facts and information is the backbone of the image and its objective is to target a certain group of readers. Throughout the image, the use of white and blue color soothes eyes and it also emits a message that the image is not informal rather of a formal kind. The reader can see there is the use of Pie Charts, Maps and Images to support the facts and to put the focus on important data.

Freshwater usage is the main idea and all the facts and data tries to support the main idea. The headline is in white color with formal fonts over the navy blue background. The use of light color over dark color is a very common style and idea to highlight the headline or any fact. The bottom two lines of blue (of different shades) perfectly underline the headline. The main page starts with putting a question just to arouse a sense of curiosity among readers. The explanation or answer is right down the line, but in very small letters. Further pages have explanation written in 4-5 lines and there are images and charts to support those facts. This pattern runs until the end of the image.

This infographic is full of information about freshwater usage which is not for every reader. It has a formal style of presentation and use of charts and maps actually looks very interesting while reading. The only thing that could have been improved is the size of letters on every page. Increasing it to 1-2 level might have improved the readability for sure.

fresh water usage