Salaries in the Car Industry

The infographic on ‘Jobs for Petrolheads’ highlights the best jobs available in the driving genre. Here are its different features that deserve mention:

  • The best jobs are presented in such a way that one can have a good idea about them just by looking at the title, without even going into the details.

The key point, that is, the salary has been highlighted for each of the jobs so that one can select from the jobs easily by looking at the financials.

  • Pictures of cars are there to illustrate the jobs in a better way and understand which type of job is being referred to.
  • Contrasting colors are used which make it look attractive yet sober.
  • Each box describes one particular job. It would have been better if more information was there to explain the job in detail. Still, the lines give a clear idea about the respective jobs and if one is interested they can research on their own.
  • The way it is designed it will motivate all the car enthusiasts to aim at bagging the jobs offered. Some people may look down upon such jobs but the salaries offered undeniably make these jobs attractive for everyone. The infographic is thus successful in its aim of convincing the users that jobs for petrolheads are no less attractive than the others.

Also, the content is well researched since it tells you about as many as thirteen jobs so that you have multiple choices at your disposal.

It is thus successful in its aim of making people aware of the job prospects in the concerned field along with offering the details of the same.

In short, it is great in terms of content as well as presentation. It could have been more informative but that would have spoilt its precise nature.

information graphic design about petrolheads