R&R and RVing

Discover why people love RVing to get some much-needed R&R and see how it has become such a growing trend in America. The following infographic will show you how how to make the most of your own RVing experience by learning useful and interesting facts about modern RV culture.

Check out how it has all changed over the last few years, and get insights on how you can benefit from joining the pack. It is a well- known fact that RVing has been a favorite pastime for stressed out Americans since the early 1900s. Today, the average camper with an RV is just 48 years young, making an RV the perfect vacation vehicle for the active and adventurous family. Check out this infographic to find out why there has been an impressive 16% increase in households with RVs since 2001.

Discover what the fuss is all about and see the numbers for yourself.  With a 64% gain since 1980, the RV industry has been forced to make accommodations for travelers.  Learn about the hottest RV oasis in the country and find out how you can save money on your next family excursion. Get motivated to camp in style by taking a vacation on wheels.

RV infographicSource: rvcovers.com