Pearl Size Comparison Guide

This image talks about how sizing plays a decisive role when it comes buying pearl. To get the right pearl, it’s very important that one knows of the precise size. It has categorically explained the different pearl types, and the particular sizes that suit different jewelry types.

Look & Feel

The infographic here uses the perfect blend of colors to describe the pearl sizes. Texts are placed in a structured manner, and sentence flow is maintained all through the image. Use of pearl images, in representing the sizes has been incorporated very nicely. Categories have all been highlighted in bold letters that increases clarity and even makes it more readable. Overall, the infographic leaves a striking impression on the reader with its quality design, and neat structure.


From the content point, this image does stand out as it has used all the possible in regards to pearl sizes. It has explained each pearl type and the possible sizes available for the same. Along with the size, it even educates the readers as to which size suits a particular jewelry design type. It has even added information about the South Sea Pearls, highlighting the sizes these pearls are available in and their growth pattern. Anyone who’s new to the world of pearls will surely find the important details about these precious jewels in the most comprehensive manner.

The Verdict

Most people love pearls and the jewelry that’s made of pearls; and often they lack the information about pearl sizes and what effect it can cause on the jewelry design they expect out of the pearl as bought. However, with this infographic the information is passes on in a very detailed yet easy to comprehend manner. The image has been created in a very striking manner, where each piece of information has been presented beautifully.beautiful charts about pearls sizing