Being Parents in the Digital Age

This has been designed in a very simple yet appealing manner. The content has been noticeably stated with several suitable illustrations. Starting from the numerous issues to the statistics- everything has been clearly stated, making it very simple for the reader.

Different shades of colours have been used all over the design to give it a catchy look without making it look overdone. Only the title “Parenting in the digital age” has been written with blue and white to highlight it and to contrast it with the background.

The use of illustrations with the title is appreciable since it is successful enough in attracting the reader to the topic.

The use of elements such as phones, kids and parents instantly sends the message of the design without much delay to the audience.

Statistics are usually dull. But here it has been framed in such a manner that people feel interested about parenting in the digital world.

The whole layout has been decorated with designs and even the background of texts has been decorated with pictures which add a new dimension to the content.

The gist of this infographic has been highlighted in the middle of the design which is extremely helpful for those who do not have the patience to go through the entire content and just want to capture the gist.

There are lots of texts and elements used here which would usually clutter a design but in this case the designer has beautiful set the layout so that it looks elegant yet carries all the information needed to educate the audience.

This infographic as you can see is in the form of a flowchart. Each stage in the flowchart has been explained in a detailed yet crisp manner.

This design is very informative and easy to decipher. It catches the attention of the reader and communicates the message effectively.

parenting visual chart