What you Need to Know if you are Moving to London

At first glance, this infographic looks like a long script with no clear content until you zoom out to enlarge enough to see what is on it. The long length is probably designed to make it sit on a single page so basically after enlarging it runs past a page. It is, however notably very generously spaced so the info contained is not too tight; it is easy to read and make out which makes the design worth in the end. The title ‘Moving to London’ tells that it will be a presentation highlighting on what is most important about London for those planning to move there.

The title is well structured with the map of England presented creatively in the letter O in the city’s name. The first part of the image is about the people and goes right ahead to indicate that London is the largest metropolitan county in England and 32nd largest city in the world. The population, which stands at 8.8 million, the number of billionaires and fractions of Londoners born outside the UK are also indicated in this section.

The second part tells the history of the city and focuses on the previous names of the city and does not have further details so the eyes walk right over to the next section which is about food and drink followed by a section about tourism, travel, home, childcare and schools, work, language and security. All this section caters to the most basic information any visitor relocating to London would need to get familiar with the city.

The infographic is designed interestingly with appropriate images and presentations to make understanding easy. Considering the number of details it carries, its size is impressive. Some sections are, however scanty and do not have much to tell a person who is very new to London.

information graphics design about moving to london

Source: thesqua.re