National Health Observances

This design is very clear, crisp and easy to comprehend. It includes a lot of dates and facts but the layout is such that you can easily decipher the content. It is very readable and takes very less time to go through the relevant points.

Here is a review on each element in this infographic

The color: The background has a dull colour but the use of bright colours such as peach, dark blue and violet makes it visually very appealing. The use of a dull background makes the graph stunning and readable. The colour combination is also great and the minimalist approach makes the design very interesting.

The Layout: The designer has done a wonderful job in putting out all the holidays and dates in a hierarchy. The dates and names are displayed in appropriate sizes so that the audience can navigate through the data effortlessly.

Fonts: There is limited use of font styles and sizes which is again a very ideal approach for creating a winning info graph. Too many styles can easily confuse the eyes. All the crucial data are in bigger or bold fonts. This makes it convenient to brush through the data.

The Graphics: The illustrations and graphics are another striking feature of this design. There are lots of graphical elements; all of them neatly displayed.

Content: There is just the right amount of content displayed for the topic. There is plenty of space in the chart and the it’s not stuffed with texts.

This is a very beautiful and resourceful design which makes use of the right colour combinations, ideal layout, right font styles and sizes and has a good hierarchy. Overall, this is a very good design with no negatives.

graphic data visualization about health observances