How Much Does a Drink Cost Around the World?

It is not immediately recognizable as an infographic probably because there is some information before and after the presentation. The way this is designed in terms of size also make it look like an ordinary article or post until you start reading through and you can see the infographic taking shape. The title does not also give a clear picture of what the presentation is all about. There seems to be confusion between the titles ‘HONEST COFFEES’ which is probably the name of the blog and the ‘The price of drinks around the world’ which is now the title of the presentation.

This presentation gives insight on prices of beer, coffee, cola and water across the globe. The global map is excellently designed and has pretty blue color. The cities are also very well selected and named, but unfortunately it is not that easy to pick the prices of the drinks for each without straining the eyes. The same is the case for information given on some of the cities; the fonts are not as readable and pleasant to the eye as they should be.

The second part of the presentation is a graphical display of 30 cities around the world with their prices for the drinks. The title is clear and the drinks are well displayed both in names and images. However, the graph still appears too busy for the eye to make out. Below the graph are all 30 cities and full info on prices of all four drinks. This makes the section just as crowded but the small fonts make it less distracting for the eye. Generally speaking, the colors for this infographic are friendly to the eye, but the details could have been organized a little better to make it easy to read and understand.

infogrpahics about drink pricing