MS Dynamics Developer Salary Rates Worldwide

The infographic aims at presenting some useful data on the MS Dynamics developers’ average salaries around the world. It includes an annual salary comparison and other interesting facts.


At the top, the reader can find an eye-catching heading that introduces the subject. Right underneath one can see a subheading that further explains the subject.

Regarding the layout, the artwork consists of 6 different sections. Each section is visually separated from the next and previous one with the use of a slightly different background color.

In the first section, one can find an annual salary comparison worldwide, with the information being presented on a world map.

The second one includes some bar graphs with information on the annual salaries of different career-levels of MS Dynamics developers in different parts of the world.

The third section presents the average product-specific annual salaries, while the fourth one contains information on how much MS Dynamics professionals’ different roles are paid in the USA.

In the next section, one can find several interesting facts presented in the form of clearly-written lists, with a helpful heading at the top.

The last section has an eye-catching image of a developer in the middle, and several interesting data placed all around.


All fonts are easy-to-read. Moreover, the artwork’s color palette, together with all the embellishing elements, make it very friendly to the eye.

At the same time, there is consistency in the layout and design. And this further boosts the artwork’s readability.


The infographic succeeds in efficiently providing useful information on the subject. The use of graphs, images and other elements makes it easier for the reader to quickly go through all information.

At the same time, the modern design makes it appealing.

infographic about ms dynamics developer salaries worldwide