Marihuana Laws Status

This infographic highlights the marijuana laws in the USA.  And this infographic brings forth the amendments and additions USA marijuana law has undergone.

The Layout

It is done nicely, and incorporates all the needed information in regards to the law. The color combination as used it decent, and the texts are pretty readable. Symbolic representation of marijuana use and cultivation in the different states of the USA has been presented in quite a simpler yet catchy manner. In totality, the text and placement of images has been taken care of perfectly which makes it an easy to understand and appealing image.

The Content

In terms of content, the infographic has compiled all the needed information in regards to the USA marijuana growing laws very tactfully. It gives clear updates on the new policies along with a quick glimpse on what changes have surfaced in the novel ones.  The state wise updates, and facts as well as figures related to the planting of this herb have been incorporated very nicely, which is self explanatory. Overall, there is enough information about the new law and changes for everyone who loves growing marijuana.

The Verdict

Growing an herb that comes under the scrutiny of law can be a risk, and with this infographic one gets clear idea about the law in regards to the same. Thus in a way it’s passing on the rightful information to all who are keen about planting marijuana while also abiding by the law. It’s indeed a rightly created and informative piece!

information graphic design about marihuana