List of Non Touristy Things in London

The infographic is very clear and has a beautiful and no-nonsense layout. A mere glimpse is enough to let a person know what the design is about and in less than a minute you can read and analyse all the information. There is no cluttering; all the information has been laid out vertically demarcated which causes less stress on the eyes while reading.

But the most striking feature of this infographic is its colour combination. The pale olive is very soft on the eyes, whereas all the data standout because it is presented in white which creates an outstanding contrast to the olive background. There has not been an extensive use of the colour palate; only limited colours have been used and that makes this infographic very appealing. To prevent the design from looking entirely drab, a little bit of colour has been added in the top of the infographic to display LONDON.

The graphics and illustrations are other notable elements in this design. All of it provides a “TOURISTY” and “HOLIDAY” feel to the infographic. The photo illustrations and the illustrations of the elements that depict London such as the clock, bridge and the bus are remarkable.

The fonts also complement the design beautifully. There is a limited use of the type of fonts, there is significant difference only in the sizes. The title appears in a bigger font and the name of the destination is displayed in a large and bold font. This makes it easier to catch the attention of people who are in a hurry!

Overall this is a very interesting and attractive infographic design which helps readers to decipher the information effortlessly. Love the colours, love the graphics, love the layout and love the fonts. This is one of the best designs that I have reviewed so far.

Non touristy things info graph