Let’s Remember Bands Named after Food

The Band Name Food Pyramid aims at finding the different bands which have been named after foods. Different types of foods have been stratified at the different layers of the pyramid and the bands named after the respective categories of food have been mentioned alongside.

Here are the things that we thought of sharing about the infographic:


The minimal illustrations that are there help in explaining the type of food under consideration in a better way and add a feel-good factor to the infographic. Not only food, but there is also a small picture of musical instruments signifying bands which is interesting to look at.

The Style of Presentation:

The style of presentation of this work deserves appreciation. The very concept of presenting it in the form of a food pyramid is unique. However, it would have been better if the names of bands would be written in a more organized way, under each category, so as to avoid confusion in cases.

Informative Nature: The creators have been successful in gathering a huge amount of information related to the topic and conveying the information collected. The large number of bands that they have managed to cover is worth admiring.

Identifying the Zone with a need for Moderation: It has been pointed out by the presenters that a huge number of bands belong to the zone of sweets, oils and fats requiring maximum moderation. Good observation and analysis, we must say!

Usage of Color: The colors have been used in such a way that there is a good contrast between the darker and lighter shades. However, it would have been better if a few more colors, particularly the brighter shades, were used. There was a huge scope to explore since the topic is related to food.

infograpics about band namesSource: musiccritic.com