Do you Know How to Size a Pearl?

When it is arranged in multiple numbers in a thread, they spread charm everywhere. But when it sets up singly, it looks equally marvelous. Yes, we are talking about jewels and none other than pearl.

This infographic has been designed to make a customer aware of differences in size of various types of pearls; natural as well as artificial.With the bold title and detailed description of the pearl with related images given adjacent to them, this work appears to be a nice presentation full of knowledge.

Although related images have been provided by the maker, still the infographic can not be called attractive. The design is very common and usual with visibly small fonts. But the thing that would attract a user is the comparison in a single table. This has given another class to the presentation. It has been divided in three parts:

  • The first part contains title and detailed description of the pearls sold by the company with some unheard yet interesting facts.
  • The second part contains detailed differences between naturally occurring pearls and that of produced by the company.
  • Third part consists of other detailed information about different type of south sea pearls. Another general fact about pearls has been given in this part. In the end of the presentation there are links to the references used.

Photographs of related pearls are given adjacent to them towards the medial aspect of the chart.

The description is excellent and information used in the presentation is extremely interesting. Details have been written according to the sizing pattern of the pearls. Incorporation of few common facts has made the description quite exciting for a reader or any prospective buyer.

Overall is like a nicely modern novel with a retro look on its cover.

infor graphics about pear sizing