Instructions to Blend a Protein Drink

The first thing that will catch your once you take a look at this piece is the amazing colors that have been used. The colors have carefully been chosen and they bring a whole new soothing feeling to the infographic. The colors are appealing and very beautiful.

Secondly, the use of images such as the glass with a straw, a spoon and a packet of milk already sends out a message to the audience of what the image is all about.

The drawings of the girls on the left part of every segment is also something worth mentioning. Each girl in each segment is smiling and looks beautiful. This adds color to the design and gives it an interesting look.

In addition, the first girl folds her hand to describe the heart, on the second girl, the heart can clearly be seen in the middle of her chest. Moreover, the heart sign is also well distributed throughout the infographic. This is a form of communication that tell the audience that they will love whatever is in their cup.

When it comes to words, you will notice this piece has so many of them. However, words are clearly and evenly distributed and they don’t affect the images in any way. In addition to that, the design has very simple words that are easy to understand and read.

Unlike other that have blurred words, this one is pretty much clear, and you can read even if you are one meter away.

Certain parts of the design have different fonts, when it comes to wordings. This is a great way of emphasizing on a particular thing. For instance, in this piece, a different font has been used to describe the different flavors that are available.

Lastly, the whole layout has been designed professionally with images, texts and signs that add a new feeling to the content.

blending protein infogrpahics