How to Identify a Pearl Type

Pearl has its own place among all the jewels. It is known for its unique representation of peaceful love with elegance. Naturally occurring pearls have long lasting shine and durability thus, they are cost effective too. Infographic explores different types of true pearls promoted by the company. With detailed information about each type, it is interesting not only to the customer but a common reader too. Each category has its own peculiarities and data is more than sufficient to ensure such details have been made available to the reader and customers too.

The design has essentially been kept simple and not very modernized to sustain the feel of that classic era when pearls were tended to gain more eyes than other stones. The color of the presentation is slightly peach which is perfect for the class it appeals. The chart has been divided into two horizontal and two vertical columns. Above all of these, there is the title of the photo-wording with a picture of oyster storing a pearl. At the end of the presentation, there is a link of the company to avail details about a product and for contact in case of any doubt related to the sale occurs in the mind of the reader.

Every presentation has its own pros and cons list, but the writer has managed a safe escape when there was time for performance examination. Bold red color in larger fonts is used to highlight a specific type of pearl. Point wise presentation is used here and it simplifies the complex data provided in the infographic. Images of jewelry having that very type have been arranged on both the sides. Horizontal part of the presentation contains two distinct types of pearl containing jewelry thus, the adjacent sides of the infographic have been covered by these pictures. Overall presentation is classic and good.

infogrphics about type of pearls