How to Tell Real Puff Bar From Fake

This infographic highlights the different criteria for differentiating a fake puff bar from a real one.


After the heading, the different criteria for differentiating the real item from the fake were clearly and well highlighted. Each criterion is written boldly in a black font and a short description of it written below them and a nice thin line separator is used to separate the different criteria. In addition, a good pictorial representation for each criterion is added, making it more informative.


The black and white color themes choosing are very attractive and remain consistent all through.


The heading is given in a bold black and white font, making the subject of discussion more conspicuous and understandable for the reader. A clear image of the item being discussed is well placed alongside a short description of the item


On the whole, this infographic contains well descriptive information.

The content is presented neatly in a well-formatted way. However, the readers will get in-depth information about the topic of discussion. The content which is chosen is completely relevant and does not seem to be extra information.


The readers will certainly enjoy going through it.

puff bar infographic