How to Store Beef Jerky

The infographic contains a guide on how to store beef jerky. More specifically, it presents some helpful tips that can help beef jerky last longer.


The design is simple yet appealing. And it allows for the reader to easily understand what they are about to see.

The artwork includes real pictures of beef jerky on a kitchen counter, which help one quickly realize the subject. It is also embellished with images of some chili peppers and spices, that add to its tasty look and feel.


The layout is pretty straight-forward. At the top, one can find an eye-catching image of beef jerky on a kitchen counter, as well as a big title that introduces the topic.

At the bottom, one sees another big image of beef jerky with some chili peppers and spices. These two images kind of form a frame, inside which all information will be placed.

So, in-between the reader can find the tips on how to store beef jerky. They are three in total. Each one of them is introduced with a short phrase in bold letters. Right underneath, there is a short paragraph with some further details relevant to the phrase above, written in the same font with normal text format.


The font that is used throughout is simple and easy-to-read. Furthermore, all texts are carefully placed on contrasting backgrounds. And this alone boosts the artwork’s readability.

At the same time, text is kept at a minimum. This makes the artwork appealing and encourages the reader to have a closer look.

Another thing that boosts the artwork’s readability is the blank space between all different paragraphs.

Final Thoughts

The infographic succeeds in presenting the required information in an appealing and time efficient manner.

infographic with guide on how to store beef jerky