How to Make Vape Juice from CBD Isolate

This particular link redirects to a webpage that teaches the audience about how to make Vape oil from the extract of the CBD Plant. This particular website deals with natural products and hence, the color combination used has the presence of a number of shades of green. The color of the text is brown and burnt sienna which makes the text easy to read and easily visible even from a distance. The color complements the green color of the website as well. The right side of the page has been used to list the various types of CBD extracts that the webpage sells.

A lot of the audience might be unaware of the concept of Vape Juice and its importance. Hence, a lot of information has been made available for the audience to inform them clearly about Vape Juice and its different variations. The different constituents of Vape Juice have then been mentioned and a lot of text has been used for this description. This could have been easily skipped and one or two lines for the same would have served the same purpose. Next up the website has described CBD isolate and its importance. Here also, a lot of text has been used due to which the audience could easily get bored. A lot of pictures have been used to make the page a little more attractive. However, the pictures fail to make a mark due to the large body of text that is present on the page.

Finally, the various ingredients required to make Vape Juice have been mentioned. The different instructions that need to be followed have been clearly numbered and every step has been described very clearly. Some pictures with the same steps being performed could have helped the audience.

vape cbd juice infographic