How to keep a dog from doing its business in your yard?

This infographic aims at presenting some tips and tricks on what one should do in order to keep a dog from doing its business in their front yard.

Design and Layout

The color palette that is used throughout the artwork is friendly to the eye of the reader. At the same time, the layout is straightforward, which allows for the reader to easily navigate through the information that is presented.

A big, striking image, which takes up one third of the artwork, and an eye-catching title at the top help the reader quickly understand the topic under discussion. Right underneath, one can find a short paragraph that further explains the subject.

The next section includes four tips one should follow in order to prevent dogs from pooping in their yard. It starts with an eye-catching “what to do?” subheading, which helps the reader understand that they can find the answers right underneath.

The four tips are presented inside four frames with a different color. Each one is given with a caption in the same color as the frame and a short explanatory text.


The use of the big image and title, the eye-catching subheading and the colorful frames around the text for each one of the four tips help the reader quickly and easily navigate through the information that is presented. The use of images or pictograms relevant to the tips could, however, have added to its readability.

Final Thoughts

In a few words, the infographic succeeds in presenting the required information in a simple yet effective way. Its layout is straightforward, but its readability could have been improved with the use of four embellishing elements for each one of the four tips.

infographic with tips on how to keep dogs from doing their business in your yard