How to Grade a Pearl

This infographic is centered on pearl grading; which happens to be the practice of conveying degrees of quality to a pearl based on the quality attributes as nominated by industry best practices and authority groups.  It gives the detailed grading of the different pearl types, under the standard grading formats inclusive of A, AA, AAA, and AAAA – while also explaining each grade and pearl type.

Design & Layout

The design structure boasts of more texts than images. Everything is set within organized tables, which makes it easier to understand the classification of the pearl types and the grading as given. The texts are all placed in a structured manner, and the table is presented in a comprehensive manner. Overall, the design format is pretty impressive as everything in the image stands out. It’s readable and easy to comprehend.


Grading plays a crucial role when it comes to buying the right pearl type. The grading has an impact on the jewelry type to be made with the pearl. In this infographic, it has been explained in a detailed manner with the key qualities being highlighted using table formats. It majorly talks of Tahitian south sea pearl, white and golden south sea pearl, Japanese Akoya, and the freshwater pearl – addressing the four major aspects of pearl grading; information, surface, luster and shape. The information as provided is crisp and to the point.


Complex things can always be explained when broken into minor parts – and in this infographic, every detail has been put across using the table format which makes it easier to understand the grading system. The design and layout perfectly compliment the theme of the image, and add to its usability and comprehensive aspect. In totality, the infographic does full justice in putting across the vital information and details related to pearl grading system.

pearl grading infographi