How to Efficiently Run Air Conditioning in the Office

The infographic aims at providing some useful instructions on air conditioning and how it can be used efficiently in the office.


The design is modern, and, at the same time, really suitable for the topic. The background of the artwork is in different shades of blue. And this color palette is not selected by chance, as blue is commonly used to symbolize cold. In addition to this, the background also contains some images of snowflakes.

The artwork includes four eye-catching images of air conditioning devices either operating at the office or under maintenance etc. These images allow for the reader to understand what the artwork is about with just a glimpse.


The layout is simple and efficient. At the top of the artwork, one can see a title that introduces the subject, in big, bold letters. A dashed line, which starts from the title and ends at a picture right beneath, encourages the reader to look lower.

There, they can find 3 useful tips regarding the most appropriate use of air conditioning at the office. They are all presented with the help of a picture and a very short phrase. The same dashed line as above connects the first picture and short phrase with the second, and the second picture and short phrase with the third one.


The artwork’s readability is great. This is due to the fact that it contains some relevant, and rather self-explanatory, big images. Moreover, there is very little text throughout. This allows for the reader to quickly and easily access the information that is provided.   


This simple infographic succeeds in providing the specific information on air conditioning in a manner that is appealing to the reader and helps one understand in just a few seconds.

infographic about the efficient use of air conditioning in the office