How to Make a Dream Catcher

The infographic has been designed in a uncomplicated yet appealing manner. The content has been clearly stated with nice illustrations. Starting from the origin of Dream Catcher to the DIY steps- everything has been clearly stated, making it easier for the reader.

  • Different shades of blue have been used all over the infographics to give it a catchy look. Only the name “Dream Catcher”has been written with pink to highlight it and contrast it with the background.
  • The introduction using a quotation is appreciable since it is effective enough to hook the reader to the topic.
  • The sketch drawn to illustrate the “Legends and Believe” part is artistic and brings out the flavor of ancient American culture.
  • History is often boring. But here it has been framed in such a manner that people feel interested about Dream Catchers.
  • The whole layout has been decorated with designs and even the background of texts has been decorated with designs which add a new dimension to the content.
  • The caption displaying the purpose of a Dream Catcher is useful since there are people who do not have the patience to go through the entire content and just want to capture the gist.
  • The requirements for making a Dream Catcher by a layman have been listed in a beautiful manner along with pictures to avoid confusions.
  • The procedure for designing a Dream Catcher has been explained in the form of a flowchart. Each step in the flowchart has been explained in an elaborate yet concise manner.

The infographic is sure to impress the target audience with its structured content and aesthetic value.  It is sure to arouse interest about Dream Catcher, an article associated with ancient beliefs, in the minds of today’s readers.

Infographic about dreamcatcher