How Does CBD Body Lotions Work?

The given website redirects us to a webpage that is used by the given company to promote CBD Body Lotion. As soon as the webpage is opened, the audience is greeted with the picture of the CBD body lotion on the left side along with the salient features of the product on the right side. If the mouse is placed on the picture, one is able to get a zoomed version of the part of the photo on which the mouse has been placed. On further scrolling, one can view the different discounts and offers that one can benefit from by buying the given product.

Since this website deals with a number of products that need to be manufactured from naturally acquired vegetation, they have used a color combination using the different shades of green. The color of the text is also burnt sienna which not only helps the audience to read, but also complements the overall color combination of the website. The ingredients used in the product have been mentioned very clearly in the latter part of the website. The instruction that one must follow while using the product has been listed in a clear and concise manner.

While we do appreciate the volume of information provided with respect to the product, there is a lot of text that can easily be ignored by the customer. These parts could have been omitted by the company easily. There is an informative image that is provided at the end of the specialized features of the product. Instead of using the text, the picture could have been used on its own. The presence of the text and the picture forces the audience to go through redundant content. This causes the audience to lose interest and the customer might abstain from making a purchase.

cbd body lotion infographic