How Crafting Can Affect Your Mental Health

During the past year, with the new reality that the pandemic has introduced, mental health has become a real struggle for many people all over the world.

The infographic aims at explaining how art-making has helped people during lockdown. It also points out that crafting can help us reduce stress and boost our mood.  


At the top one can see an eye-catching title that presents the subject. Right underneath, the reader can see a short paragraph that further explains the subject.

Moving on, the artwork is split in four different sections with alternating background colors. A black horizontal line separates each section from the previous and next one.

Every section starts with a heading in bold capital letters and includes a short paragraph with more details. Next to each paragraph, one can see a relevant embellishing image.


The design is rather minimal. Four contrasting colors are used throughout; black, white, grey and light blue. And they are perfectly combined in a way that is appealing to the reader.

The elements that are used throughout are also minimal. Overall, one could say that the artwork has a modern look-and-feel.


The selected fonts are very easy to read. The fact that the artwork contains headings and subheadings, which easily grab one’s attention, adds to its readability.

Moreover, the way the colors are combined, the elements that are used and the blank spaces in-between further boost the infographic’s readability.

Final Thoughts

The infographic’s structure and design are appealing to the reader. It succeeds in allowing for the reader to quickly and easily go through all information.

infographic about crafting and how it can help boost mental health