Hidden Fees to Look Out For When You Hire a Car

This infographic aims at providing a guide on the things one should look out for when hiring a car. More specifically, it presents nine hidden fees that most people do not know exist.

Layout and Design

The topic is presented at the top, with the help of an eye-catching heading in bold, capital letters. Under the heading, one can find the list of the nine hidden fees in car rental contracts.

The first hidden fee is related to excess insurance. The second one is about possible additional card fees. Young driver or senior driver fees are presented right below. The fourth hidden fee is related to special cleaning that some car rental companies require. Possible administration fees are mentioned underneath. The sixth hidden fee is related to extra charges for dropping off the car at the wrong location. The seventh one is associated with roadside assistance and the eight one with toll charges. Finally, the “collect full, return empty” policy is mentioned at the bottom.

Each one of the hidden fees is introduced with an easy-to-read subheading. They are presented in rows with alternating color backgrounds. Under each subheading, the reader can find a short description in one or two paragraphs. Next to each description, one can find an eye-catching embellishing image.


The straight-forward layout and design helps the reader quickly and easily navigate through the information that is introduced. One can get the idea in a few seconds, without having to read every description carefully.

Moreover, the fact that the position of the texts and images is changing in each section adds to the artwork’s readability and makes it friendlier to the eye of the reader.


The required information is presented in a simple, yet efficient way that allows for the reader to quickly and easily understand the subject.

infographic about hidden fees in car rental contracts

Source: https://www.stressfreecarrental.com/en/handy-guide-of-hidden-fees-to-look-out-for-when-hiring-a-car