Here is How to Brew Coffee with a Cafetiere

This infographic aims at providing a cafetiere brew guide, giving information on the equipment one will need and the steps they will have to follow to brew coffee with a cafetiere. With its minimal design and straight-forward layout, in general, it succeeds in quickly passing on the information it presents.

The white background used throughout, in combination with the black, easy-to-read fonts, makes it friendly to the eye of the reader and gives a modern overall look-and-feel to it. The use of eye-catching images, titles, subheadings and numbering add to its readability and, as a result, to the readers’ improved understanding of the subject that is presented.

A big, clearly designed title at the top helps the reader easily understand what the infographic is about. Right below, the reader can find a subheading, which is introducing a list of the equipment one will need in order to brew coffee using a cafetiere. Eye-catching images help one easily and quickly visualize the needed equipment and move on next, to the procedure they need to follow to brew coffee with a cafetiere.

In the next part, the method for brewing coffee is presented in the form of a list consisting of seven steps. Although the instructions in these seven steps are clear and the way they are given is straightforward, the specific part contains no elements other than text. This might make it tiring to the eye and could possibly discourage the reader from going through the whole list. The use of relevant images or pictograms would have made this part more pleasant to the eye and would help the reader get the idea of the procedure with just a glimpse.

However, the overall structure of the infographic is good and it succeeds in providing useful and to-the-point information.

infographic with a cafetiere brew guide