Here are the Benefits of Electric Vehicles

With a simple and modern layout, this infographic aims at presenting 5 environmental benefits of electric vehicles. The overall structure and look-and-feel allows for the reader to easily understand the topic under discussion with just a glimpse.

At the top, an eye-catching title in vivid orange and a big picture of two cars – with two giant batteries on top of them and a charger in-between implying that they are electric – help one quickly get the idea of the subject that is presented. Right under the picture, one can find five pictograms, placed on a blue contrasting background, which suggest an electric vehicle as well.

In five separate columns right below, the 5 environmental benefits of electric vehicles are given in a text form with easy-to-read fonts. Each one of the benefits is introduced with a title in bold and a bigger font size. This helps the reader quickly understand the presented benefits and encourages them to go on with reading the five explanatory paragraphs. Finally, the fact that all sources are mentioned at the bottom adds more gravity to the specific project.

It is possible that one will easily notice, however, that only two of the presented benefits are in fact environmental – the first one and the fourth one. The other three focus on the health, safety and financial advantages of electric vehicles. This could be solved with simply removing the word “environmental” from the title and changing it to “5 benefits of electric vehicles”. Moreover, the use of pictograms that would match the five different benefits could possibly make the specific part a little clearer for the reader. Despite the above-mentioned contradiction, the infographic is definitely eye-catching and succeeds in providing some interesting key facts about electric vehicles and their advantages over petrol or diesel vehicles.

infographic about the environmental benefits of electric cars