Here are some Shocking Statistics about the Yoga Industry

This infographic aims at presenting some shocking statistics related to the yoga industry that most people do not know about. It has a simple structure and a modern design that is friendly-to-the-eye, which allows for quickly and easily going through and understanding all the information presented.

An eye-catching title in a vivid pink background at the top introduces the subject under discussion. The subheading that follows suggests that the reader probably does not already know about the statistics that are presented below. The first four statistics provided are placed right under the subheading, with the use of noticeable pictograms and as little explanatory text as possible.

In the following section, one can find an impressive picture of one hundred yoga practitioners’ figures, which cleverly suggests that seventeen of them have experienced inappropriate touch during a class or training. Scrolling down, a large graph presents yoga’s increasing popularity, while the outline of a hand next to it suggests that the majority of yogis give back to their community.

The next section includes a big title related to the following four statistics, which suggests that yoga makes us better people. All four of them are once again presented with impressive pictograms, while the relevant text is kept at a minimum level. The last part presents the final statistic about how most yoga teachers’ earnings are around the poverty threshold, with the use of easy-to-read, big fonts and a big figure of a yogi.

In conclusion, this infographic succeeds in presenting the required information in a way that is friendly to the reader, as it allows for a quick and easy navigation and comprehension. The selection of colors, fonts and embellishing elements, as well as the fact that the use of text is kept at a minimum level makes the overall layout simple and effective.

infographic about some shocking yoga industry statistics