How-to Guide on Glass Bottle Crafts

The design of this infographic is done in such a simple but clear way. The methods used for cutting glass are laid out in such a way that they can be understood and followed by just about anyone. The topic is clear and you get everything that you should expect in the entire infographic.

With the methods that can be used, the materials and equipment that you will need to carry out the glass cut are so clearly mentioned. The fact that illustrations of the same are included with the words makes it even clearer. Even with a person who doesn’t understand the words, you can still follow the steps using the diagrams and get it right.

So as to emphasize on the key points and the headings, a different word color is used and this is something that can be seen quite clearly. Also, the sections have different color coding. This allows you to follow the whole infographic so seamlessly without necessarily getting things mixed up. With the different colors in use, there is no way you will get lost as you go through the infographic.

The words used also come in different sizes which allows you to tell the titles from the explanations. The diagrams are illustrated using a different style. There are also some letters that are made bigger than the others while others are in italics.

This infographic as a whole is very engaging, visually. The subject matter is very appealing and anyone who comes across it may want to know exactly what it is all about.

Glass bottle infographic