Grow Weed in an Aerogarden With this Infographic

This infographic is a really smooth and neutral work. It gives the reader greater ease of understanding and comprehension to go through this document. A great factor to this ease of access and accessibility can be attributed to the salient color schemes used in this document and also neater and concise occurrence of simple two dimensional art.

The background is plain white, although it looks more than just plain white when put together with the other elements of the page that are colored to give this plain little white some little life of its own from their ambience.

The content is quite short and concise. It gives to the reader what they need and what they would need alone. Nothing more is available to the reader who might be looking for something that could provide deeper insight into these topics, but I daresay, this would be quite enough for most common readers.

The design and color scheme are totally perfect and they completely agree with each other throughout the page. There is such a wonderful relationship going on between the colors used in this page and the designs and appeal that the page gives to the reader. The titles of the various section headers could have used a more solid and bolder color than the light blue. But it sure does stand out well enough to be understood so it would do fine.

Finally, the layout of the entire text is just plain flow from top to bottom. The center alignment, hence looks really great and keeps it all down to a pure simple piece of work. The various content spacing also does its part to keep this appeal up.

Overall, this isa wonderfully designed yet simple piece of work that uses simple andeffective methods to convey the content to the reader.

aerogarden infographic