Favourite Antiques per Country

This infographic is presented as a long strip in the first instance until your enlarge and it occupies the entire page with every text and image huge enough to see and read through. The colors used are soft and do not therefore end up overwhelming the eyes at any point. From the title and subtitle it is clear that it highlights the most searched for antiques from different countries across the world. What is noticeable about this presentation is that each section clearly includes the name of the country complete with a flag. The antique is then clearly written and presented with a relevant image so it is not that complicated to know exactly what each section has.

This presentation mentions the antique and its country of origin and goes ahead to give more details or fun facts about the antique. It is divided into ten sections, each as clear and detailed as the previous. They are:

  1. United Kingdom with the antique being a 400 year bed
  2. Netherlands with its rare, beautiful clocks
  3. Germany and its jewelry featuring very long gold wire
  4. USA with its famed furniture brand
  5. France and its sculpture
  6. UAE and its very popular mirrors
  7. Russia with its sculpture considered to be tallest in Europe
  8. Italy and its Venetian mirrors
  9. India and its impressive jewelry market
  10. Argentina with its world largest cuckoo clocks

This infographic is not tightly done and there are plenty of spaces in between the section and within the sections as well. The space could have been used a little better, but the fact is, it remains very easy to read and go through considering that even the fonts are big enough. It breaks down the antiques in a very nice way so the message is communicated with ease in each section.

information graphic design about antiques

Source: westlandlondon.com