Some Facts about Switching from Smoking to Vaping

What caught our attention instantly was the beautiful explosion of colors. Usually, charts related to health are designed in blue or white, but this was a real change. The use of cool colors such as purple, blue, greens and yellow is pleasant on the eyes. It catches the viewers’ attention and keeps them engaged. The pop of bright colors n dull backgrounds makes the design vivacious.

There is a lot of data included in the layout; the texts are scattered all over the place. But surprisingly it does not make the design chart cluttered due to the use of the fonts in different sizes. All the headings and important statistic data are printed in bold and big sizes while the detailed info are printed in small sizes. The style is also constant; the same font has been followed throughout the entire design.

Hierarchy is important in delivering a winning info chart, and the designer has set a brilliant narrative to explain the benefits of the product and the effects it has had on users. The layout is also excellent; there is the proper demarcation of data, and each section has a different background color. This strategy makes it easier for the reader to follow the design.

Graphics are the next highlight of this chart. Several cute and catchy illustrations and graphic elements have been included in the design. All these items are well-placed and make the chart very animated.

Space is an issue here, as you can see there is very less space. Typically the space crunch issue would have made a graph look horrid, but it is not a problem here since the graphics have been placed strategically and there is a good combination of the colors.

Overall this is a brilliant infographic which explains the product very well and is very attractive.

vaping infogrphics