Facts About Coffee Caffeine and Calories per Country

By just looking at the title, you can tell that the infographic will be digging deep into coffee. Whereas the title is clear and easily readable, everything else in this presentation is not as easy to read making it necessary to enlarge the display. Enlarging brings everything into huge size and clearance but unfortunately, this also makes the presentation spill over so are forced to scroll left and right to read through the information. The zooming could have been done a little better so the image remains scalable to a size that is sufficient for readers.

The first section is a map representation of thirteen cities around the world. Each of the countries comes with details of the amount of coffee a person drinks annually and the amount of calories and caffeine this intake translates into. Apart from the extra effort of scrolling left to right and up and down to have a look at all the cities, this section has enough details for coffee enthusiasts wishing to understand a little about the culture of coffee taking in different parts of the world. The colors are cool; they are neither overwhelming nor boring for the eyes.

The second section is a bar graph presentation of the coffee information. Again, there are challenges with going through the info smoothly without scrolling all over the section. However, the countries are clearly indicated and come complete with their respective maps to make identification easier for readers. Unlike the first section that showcases 13 countries, this graph represents a total of 26 countries. There is too much detail as a result and getting a clear picture of them all is a little of a challenging, especially because of the huge size of the enlarged infographic. The design for this would have been better with scalable zooms.

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Source: honestcoffees.com