Facts About how Canadians Buy on Black Friday

It may be a black and white infographic, but very attractive and pleasing to the eye. The red and silver gray highlights create a very good combination for the presentation that the eyes are willing to read through. Just like most designs, it is presented in a strip, but it is actually possible to read the subtitles even without enlarging it. Maybe this is so because the image does not contain too many sections. The title is completed with an image of a long queue of people just to show for sure that Canadians are really into the Black Friday shopping.

The presentation then goes to tell about the percentage of Canadians who took advantage of the offers that come with Black Friday and then the next section tells that men were actually the biggest spenders centrally to what you would expect. The next section advices shoppers to consider shopping online which is quite thoughtful considering that a good number of people would get scared of the lines; especially that long one accompanying the title but because they have an option they know they can still take advantage of the sales.

The fourth section makes the infographic funny as it tells the shoppers that they can call in sick just to enjoy the shopping sales. The image included is just as exciting. In the next section the guilt of shopping for oneself is taken off, whereas the last information section goes to show that a huge percent of all purchases were from Canadian retailers.

This presentation is quite informative and leaves a happy taste of Black Friday that any interested shopper would feel compelled to go out and take full advantage of the special offers made available from retailers to commemorate Black Friday. The information provided is sufficient and the design quite attractive overall.

informational graphics about canadians in black friday

Source: furniture.ca