Facts and Stats About Gambling

This infographic is quite a really lengthy piece of work. It does well to catch the attention of the casual reader by having a strong and bold color theme accompanied by a really bold font which emphasizes content in a really prominent style.

The headings appear less important due to the much larger and much more attention-grabbing content underneath in a majority of sections. This could take the headings away from the limelight and give more importance to the content underneath. This spoils the accessibility of the work and makes it a much more intensive piece of graphics. The visualizations used are apt and match the colors really well. They are also placed prominently giving due importance to their content and their significance. But they also seem to be sized larger than their respective section headers which take away the highlight from the headings of most of the sections.
The content contrasts itself slightly. Most of the sections towards the top bring about a negative opinion to the reader about the topic. The bottom half, however, attempts to market brands about which the top half has already brought about a negative impact.
The design is non-uniform and follows quite varied patterns and styles across the page. There are funky bold designs towards the top, ordered sections towards the middle and then later on a block layout towards the bottom. This variation in design could represent the change in content in a very peculiar manner. Although it doesn’t look all that entertaining due to the immense difference between various colors and shades across the page that bring about a sense of non-uniformity.

Overall this is a fine piece of work that stretches out really long. If it weren’t for the bold and strong colors and graphics used throughout the page, this would have been quite a boring piece of work.

Infographic about gambling

Source: footyaccumulators.com