This is What Expat Americans Miss

Compared to other infographics that represents such information, what makes this quite attractive is the various full-fledge details present. Besides the tons of statistics filled, the infographic has precise and extensive research work displayed. Each of the data is extensively supported by sources from where it was referred.

In addition, it shows the indepth analysis of the infographics like how many Americans miss their family and friends. Also it highlights the various issues that Americans go through in foreign countries in terms of food, leisure and friends. With regard to the detail and percentage of Americans who miss their parents, a slight research can be done on the ones who miss their dad or mom.

Also in the infographic, it talks about the religious holidays that are missed by the Americans. In the infographic, the list of the major religious holidays that are missed is not present. Showing the list of the major religious holidays missed would have been more effective and supportive to the cultural festivals like Christmas and Halloween missed. Also, in those a percentage of which American celebration is missed the most can be displayed too.

In addition, in the infographic, it talks about the TV shows missed. A clear list of what kind of TV shows are missed or the sitcoms can be provided to provided a better understanding about the preference of US citizens. Plus the design and the color combination used looks starkly, and attractive. The usage of minimum color provides a feasible understanding about what this particular infographic talks about. A US flag present in the centre of the infographic will look quite attractive and beautiful.

What makes this infographic quite impressive is that this doesn’t tell about what people miss about the US, but even about what they never missed or liked in the US. That is what makes this infographic more predominant compared to other infographics.

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