Everything You Need to Know About CBD Flower

This website that aims to promote and sell all products related to the CBD flower has been designed in a very pleasant manner. Since green produces a soothing effect on the brain, the entire website has been colored in different shades of green along with colors that complement green such as brown and yellow ochre. The website has also provided different pictures of the products that they are selling which tries to break the monotony of all the text that has been provided on the website.

The website is selling a product that is inherently a natural product. Hence, a lot of text provided on the website concerns the process of sourcing and extracting the product. Though this helps in informing the customer about every little detail, it increases the length of the text that needs to be read by the customer before making a purchase. There are no interactive elements provided on the website due to which the customer can make the choice of not reading the content at all. There are a number of interactive pictures that also provide information with the required illustration. However, the picture to text ratio is not ideal due to which the few pictures provided fail to make a memorable impact.

The pictures of the products are very attractive and provide enough impetus to the customer to buy the product at least once. The font used in the headings and the text is also the same along with color. This helps in making a smooth transition, but fails to inform the customer about a different topic. Moreover, there are a number of important terms that have neither been underlined or made bold. This causes the reader to lose interest and reduces the chances of the reader actually going through the content.

cbd flower infographic

Source: cheefbotanicals.com