Everything You Need to Know About CBD Bath Bombs

The weblink provided here redirects to a page that is used by the company to promote a Bath Bomb for which CBD extract is one of the principal constituents. As soon as the webpage opens, we are greeted with the picture of the product that is being promoted along with the salient features of the product. Bullet points have been used to list out these features and this manages to attract the customer. Since the website deals with products made from raw materials sourced from nature, the designers of the website have adopted a color combination that is majorly made of different shades of green.

The color of the text used is also brown which not only makes reading easier, but also complements the overall color combination of the website. The picture provided for the product is pretty clear and if the mouse is moved over the picture, one can access the zoomed version of the picture on which the cursor rests.

On scrolling down further, one can get more information about the product such as the different variations of the product and the various ingredients that have been used to make the product. There is a special section as well, which lists the instructions that should be followed to use the product correctly.

There is a section on the webpage that lists the various advantages of using the given product. However, these advantages have not been provided in bullet points due to which the customer might lose interest in all the text and ultimately abstain from buying the product. There are a number of pictures which help to maintain the attention of the customer and also inform the attention about the key points that could have been skipped by them while reading the text.

cbd bath bombs infographic

Source: cheefbotanicals.com