Everything About the Cheltenham Festival

The infographic is a kind that seeks to attract attention to the event about which it is advertising and informing. The information conveyed in this review is deeply informative and sufficiently welcoming to the general eye and keeps to the standard limit of information that you would want to convey in a single page.

The page starts with a brief description of the event. Further on it goes about describing the various factors that make the event a success, this is also provided as a good source of excuse to attract newcomers and inform the general public about what lies in this event.
Past this, more information pertaining to travel and accommodation is provided, all well laid out and comfortably placed to follow as general train of thought that would come across any reader’s minds. Beyond this, the page focuses on better ways to attract more people by means of features and facts about the event that is likely to get them to notice how grand the event would be and how much of a hit it usually is.

The design used in this poster is sufficient and well enough. It is not too rich and neither too bad. The design exists without much attention to itself, yet sufficiently punctuating the document well enough.
The layout is to be appreciated as it follows a general psychology of thought that the general reader would tend to follow. This would play a good role in keeping the interest of the reader and push them one step further into the interest stage of participating in this event.
The content is rich and deeply informs the reader about the prime details of the event.

Overall, this is a rich piece of work punctuated nicely with a smooth design sense and laid out absolutely well, in a psychologically intriguing manner.

cheltenham festival infographic

Source: thewinnersenclosure.com